Buyer Rebate

Financial Reward For Our Clients

Up to 2% Cash Back To Our Buyers

Ram Realty offers up to 2% back on any Resale or New Home listed in the MLS System to our Buyers at closing.

We provide you our knowledge of the local school ratings, property taxes and resale values you should expect from an Experienced Buyer Agent working the Metro Charlotte MarketNew Home purchase receive up to 2% back

Sample Commission Rebate On Closing Statement for Resale

$400,000 Sales Price Equals $6000 Cash Credit on the Closing Statement paid to our buyers the day of closing.

$100K – $150K purchase price = No Rebate
$151K – $200K purchase price = 0.5% Rebate 
$201K – $250K purchase price = 0.75% Rebate

$251K – $300K purchase price = 1.0% Rebate

$301k – $400K purchase price = 1.25% Rebate

$400K purchase price and up = 1.5% Rebate

Note: All Rebates are based upon 3% Commission being paid to Ram Realty. When the commission is 2.5% rather than 3% for Resale Homes the Rebate will be reduced by 0.50%

** All Rebates Must be on Buyers Closing Statement **

Ram Realty has closed more homes in the last 3 years than 99% of Real Estate Agents in Metro Charlotte while providing an ideal balance of expertise and savings to our clients!