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Our offices can be found in the most beautiful and attractive cities in the United States. We’d be thrilled to meet you there, or in any different place of your choosing.


Ram Realty - Charlotte Office

3540 Toringdon Way, Suite 200

Charlotte, NC



Ram Realty - Raleigh Office

600 Park Offices Drive, Suite 300

Durham, NC


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Your satisfaction is the best testimony for our work. Doing what we love, we leave no place for disappointment nor discontent. 


Mastering the basis of real estate matters may be the best way to feel more confident during your journey. Explore our blog posts to discover some interesting news.
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What makes us special?

The brightest minds of the real estate world and solutions-driven attitude distinguish us in the competitiveness on the market. Customer-centered services we offer are unparalleled and pair with astonishing performances. Led by knowledgeable and experienced innovators, our team serves you with accuracy and refinement, providing the most suitable resolutions.


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Bright minds, sharp tongues, and ruthless negotiation skills are the things we all have in common. We’re a team of unique individuals with one common purpose - help you make deliberate decisions.

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